A21 Campaign // Bodies Are Not Commodities

A21 is a non profit organisation working to put an end to human trafficking. They work to educate the next generation about the dangers and reality of human trafficking and see education as a key to ending modern-day slavery.

Fruitmedia worked alongside A21 to produce the Bodies Are Not Commodities curriculum videos. Alongside the accompanying brochure and flyer, the videos are used to educate audiences on the current day problems of slavery and human trafficking.

Each of the videos were produced using different elements of animation, text, graphics and video. The use of presenter style footage filmed in a number of locations was edited alongside hard hitting cutaways, which emphasised the information being communicated and engaged the viewer in a powerful way, encouraging them to take action.

These videos are currently used as a downloadable resource on the A21 education webpage:

Film link:

As well as creating a visually innovative and successful video campaign our client feedback is of the utmost importance to us and some of The A21 Campaign’s feedback can be found below:

‘As a charity we have loved working with Fruitmedia. Not only are they creative, talented and professional but they are an absolute pleasure to work with.’
UK Director, A21