Animation in Social Media

It’s 2018. Social media is becoming more and more vital for a business’ marketing, to the point where it’s the first place most people will go to find out information and to decide whether or not they’re going to use a business. So with that being said, surely it makes sense to invest time and money into your social media feeds and into the image that your company puts across?

We’ve found that animation is one of the best ways to quickly and simply get information to your followers. Animations can easily encapsulate your brand, and send out a message without the viewer having to turn up the volume (meaning your feed can reach them even when they’re browsing Facebook at their desk when they shouldn’t be!)

Animations are great for those times where a lot of information needs to be communicated in a short amount of time, and a presenter just isn’t going to cut it. Or those times where your social media feed needs to breach a serious topic in which the use of film would be insensitive. The other added bonus to using animation over film is that there are no location fees or actor costs, and no waiting around for that 1 elusive day on sunshine!

Another benefit to animations is that they can add a lot of humour to a piece. A silly expression on someone’s face, a well timed graphic, a quirky drawing style. Animation provides so many more opportunities to add light-heartedness where film can’t, particularly at times where it would come across as cheesy if delivered through film. The truth is that animation is incredibly versatile. It fits humour, it fits serious, and it fits information-filled. There’s barely a time where animation wouldn’t work!

If you’ve got a social media campaign coming up that you would like a fleet of videos created for, then call us today, we’d be happy to help.

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