esure // Multicar

Earlier this year we worked alongside esure to produce a TV ad length infomercial explaining their multicar insurance plan. During our initial creative meeting, we came up with the concept of turning the esure logo into a car – a concept we saw through into the finished product. We worked closely with the client when it came to producing a storyboard, and landed on the decision that all graphics should be kept simple.

All of the elements to this video were developed in-house, including the music composition; inspired by a library track that esure liked. This eliminated any difficult copyright issues when showing the advert on television.

esure wanted the advert to be created in a lighthearted, tongue in cheek style, and we achieved this through the use of sound effects and animation style featured in the finished product. The sound effects enhanced the animation and made it more quirky and memorable.

When the time came to create the voice over for the animation, we provided esure with three different voice options so that they could choose exactly which style they wanted. Once they had chosen, we recorded and produced the voice over in-house and delivered the finished product to them. The end result was a bespoke, unique, fun and on-brand animation.

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