For Refugees // Greece

Looking for a video to be created that called people to donate towards the refugee crisis, For Refugees came to us for help. We had the privilege of being able to fly out to Athens and meet some of the people seeking refuge there. The strength, courage and determination that they showed us in such horrible circumstances astounded us.

During our trip we met the inspiring Maria – a Salvation Army worker – who was featured on Paul O’Grady’s ‘The Sally Army & Me’ in April 2016. We witnessed Maria’s love and compassion for all those she came across, and how hard she works to provide care for those that have lost everything. Seeing the refugee crisis first hand makes you realise how much they need our help, but also the incredible character and perseverance these people have.

J Jones went on the trip and shared this whilst he was there;
Today we followed the story of this Afghan family sleeping rough in Victoria Square in Athens. Fleeing from the Taliban and now trapped in Greece as Macedonia has closed its borders. Filming and watching this family trying to look after two small children in this square is heartbreaking. Trafficking is rife and uncontrolled and camps are being set up in parks and outside of the city. These places are lawless, with women and children regularly raped and robbed. Paedophiles taking advantage of vulnerability. A desperate situation unfolding on Europe’s doorstep.

The end result was a beautiful, compelling film, educating us on the dire situation faced by millions around the world. It raised around £300,000 in a single week.

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As well as creating a visually innovative and successful video campaign our client feedback is of the utmost importance to us and some of For Refugees’ feedback can be found below:

‘The £300,000 raised from this film exceeded our expectations and Fruitmedia’s commitment produced a film that far exceeded our original vision. They went above and beyond and I can’t say enough good things about them.’
Development Manager, For Refugees