Hovertravel // Safety & Welcome Videos

Ahead of the launch of their newest Hovercraft, Hovertravel were looking for a media company to create not only the livery design for the craft, but also the safety messages and arrival videos.

We decided that animation would be the most effective way of getting across the necessary messages, as it is a better form of communication where instructions are required and audio volumes may be low.

We took the colour tones from their logo and used that as the basis for the palette in the animation. For the animation style we chose a simple 2D graphical look which fitted in with their logo. Due to the importance of the message needing to be shown in the video, simple, clean graphics were the best option for avoiding confusions and ensuring viewers understood the safety procedures.

Once the animation was complete we filmed a signer in our green screen studio, to make sure that the videos were accessible to the hard of hearing. We then took this footage and edited it into the animation in such a way that it was clear and easy to understand, but didn’t block the animation.

In July 2016 we had the privilege of being invited along to the maiden voyage of the new hovercraft. It was great to see the livery on the craft, and to see the videos in situ once on board. Feedback from those on board was highly positive, and they were impressed to discover that all elements of the films were done in-house; animation, voiceover, soundtrack, filming, design and editing.

Film link:

As well as creating a visually innovative and successful video campaign our client feedback is of the utmost importance to us and some of Hovertravel’s feedback can be found below:

‘Working with Fruitmedia is a great experience, they took the time to understand both our brand and our unique business as the world’s only passenger hovercraft service. We wanted a safety video which delivered more than a simple, mandatory box ticking exercise; it needed to be sympathetic to our brand values and still be accessible to all passengers whether they were a regular commuter or a tourist from half away around the world. Thanks to the professionalism of Fruitmedia, the final video has been warmly welcomed by our regulatory authority, the Maritime & Coastguard Agency and our customers.’
Commercial & Marketing Manager, Hovertravel