Locations, Locations, Locations

At Fruitmedia, we believe that a location can either make or break a film. You could have all the right cast, all the right film crew, the perfect script, the correct outfits…but what about your location? Where you film has one of the biggest impacts on the final piece; it sets the scene and is one of the first things the viewer sees when they watch it.

“It makes your video stand out from the crowd…”

It’s not only the location itself that you have to think about, when visiting a potential film site. Consider where the sun rises and sets, so that filming schedules put shots at the right part of the day. Consider whether there’s an easy back-up if weather isn’t kind on the day. How easy is it to prep kit near the location? If you’re filming something set back in time, is there anything nearby that wouldn’t have existed during the era of your film piece?

Locations pay such a key part in a film, and something as small as the top of a telephone mast sticking out from behind a tree in a shot that’s supposed to be Edwardian could ruin the effect that video has on its viewers. We’ve all watched a film at least once in our life and spotted something that shouldn’t be there (I once spotted a car driving past in the back of a scene in The Fellowship of the Ring) – as soon as you spot it you instantly snap out of that place the film had taken you to. Don’t let your location, or its surroundings cause your viewers to snap out of their engagement with your finished piece.

Last year we spent a few weeks travelling the South of England to visit a number of locations for an upcoming project. The project consisted of eleven music videos, and required direction of a large cast, as well as the use of a variety of grip equipment; steadicam, glidecam, and drones. Using drone footage on location opens up the ability to film the location from a completely new perspective, and one that people can’t see when visiting the location themselves. It makes your video stand out from the crowd, and is the perfect way to quickly and easily show viewers where the film is based.

We were very excited to move into the production stage of this project, which included filming horses, pigs, geese, and a large cast – all of which presented their own challenges! We’re confident that the combination of incredible locations, high quality camera equipment, and an experienced crew means that the end results are something to be proud of.

Lydia Oakley