Phase One // Martin Schoeller

Although there were numerous agencies within New York, Phase One loved the style of products that we produce and so approached us requesting work for a 3-minute behind the scenes promo for the release of their new camera body.

We had the privilege of working with Martin Schoeller – a photographer famous for his profile shots, which include the likes of Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Angelina Jolie and Mark Zuckerberg. The video, based in New York, showcased Martin using the camera and software whilst on a studio shoot.

The Fruitmedia creative concept was to highlight the nature of the software and its ease of use through capturing the photographer at work, his subject matter and interviews with him and his staff throughout the day.

Whilst meeting the client’s vision and concept of producing a video that appealed to the professional user market, we were able to develop the creative concept of the story and effectively showcase Martin’s stunning work, using beautiful footage, whilst giving an informative story for the viewer. The footage itself was filmed in New York and Fruitmedia were able to produce an engaging video whilst successfully keeping within the project time and budget restraints.

Film link:

As well as creating a visually innovative and successful video campaign, our client feedback is of the utmost importance to us and some of Phase One’s feedback can be found below.

‘Fruitmedia’s videos are on point. They really get it from production to final product. In addition to delivering high quality work, they are very professional and customer service orientated.’
Phase One