Project Review // One Thousand Voices

“Did that really happen?”

One of the stand out parts of 2017 for me by far, was a project that ran from March through to December. I can’t divulge much about it as it’s still under wraps but what I will say is that I lost count of the number of times I thought to myself, “did that really just happen?” Particularly at 3am – waist deep in the sea with an army of Vikings charging towards me with axes and flaming torches, shouting battle cries at the top of their lungs…fair to say I hadn’t quite thought through where I was standing when I shouted ‘action!’.

What I loved most about the project was seeing so many different teams come together to pull of something special; film crew, directors, producers, cast, audio crew, costumes, make-up, locations, props, logistics, security, catering, transport…so many people were there on each film day to make sure that the day went as smoothly as possible. This also meant that there was someone in charge of every little part of the production, ensuring that it was the best thing it could possibly be, making the end result something amazing.

After almost a year of work and countless hours in the edit suite (late nights going through edits with the clients probably kept the local Dominos afloat single handed during that time), the project came to completion and both Fruitmedia and the client were thrilled with the result. In early January they hosted a premiere for the film, showing it to just under 2000 people. We were told people laughed, cried and gasped at exactly the right moments. The next day the client told us that the end result had ‘exceeded all expectations’ and that ‘the reviews we got were out of this world’.

We aren’t daunted by the prospect of year-long projects, so if you’ve got a big project coming up that you’re looking for a film company to help out with then get in touch with us, we’d be happy to help. E: / T: 01273 453355.

Lydia Oakley