VisitLondon // A Christmas Story

Last year we worked with London & Partners to produce a 3 minute ‘London at Christmas’ promo that showcased the beautiful sights of London through the experience of two different people. The footage had to promote the West End and so sign offs were required by multiple partners.

The Fruitmedia creative concept was based on a young girl visiting on Eurostar with her father and the Champion free runner, Timothy Shieff, both making their way to the heart of London. On their separate journeys they see the sights of the capital from different perspectives until their journeys intertwine in Trafalgar Square.

The idea was to take viewers through an emotion-inducing story that would make them want to visit London and experience the story for themselves. Through using a young girl to tell the story, we invoked the excitement in people that they felt during Christmas as a child, and in doing so we caused a desire in the audience to visit London and feel that excitement again for themselves.

Whilst meeting the client’s vision and concept of producing a video that appealed to national and international visitors, we were able to develop the creative concept of the story and effectively showcase the stunning sights of London, using beautiful footage. We filmed the larger parts of London from a helicopter in order to obtain great aerial footage. The video project itself had a tight turnaround to deliver it in time for the Christmas period, which could have caused problems, however we were able to complete it in time and in budget.

Film Link:

As well as creating a visually innovative and successful video campaign our client feedback is of the utmost importance to us and some of London & Partners’ feedback can be found below:

‘We are thrilled to be able to showcase the festive magic of London with this innovative film.’
Director of